GlowTray x Cookies LED Rolling Tray

Glow Tray

GlowTray x Cookies

Limited Edition LED Rolling Tray


The new Cookies x Glow Tray will allow you to get lit anytime and anywhere. Whether you are rolling Kronic  at the weekly session, catching a vibe in the studio,  riding shotgun with your homies, or tapping into some late night exotic snacks, the Glow Tray is the only luxury cannabis accessory that will keep all your buds in sight. 


With 6 rotating color options, auto party mode, a quick charging cable, an extra-long battery life and a micro-suede travel bag, Glow Tray keeps you prepared to turn up and light up  any situation. 


Tech Specs

6 Hour 1800 mAh Battery with Double Battery Life, 3- Function Alternating Button, Long Lasting LED lights, Reinforced USB-C Port and high capacity charging cable, extra strength PCB board with charging resistor.

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